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Wet wet wet

Too sweet for words.
The images will do the job…

<em>Lucy</em>: Why I'm Tired of Seeing White People on the Big Screen | Olivia Cole

Interesting essay by a White anthropology student…

Some injustices will always float around in that collective subconscious of ours&#8230; 
Peace to all Native Americans.

Music psychology essay excerpts: Tu es Sacerdos, Handel (Dixit Dominus) - YouTube

Tu es Sacerdos, from Handel Dixit Dominus.
Excerpts without music.

India and politics


If I had my way about it, India would lead the World of Economics: not the Great White United States…
Great textiles, great food, great looking people… Their music isn’t bad either: Banghra would give Lady bloody Gaga a run for her money…
No need for semi pornographic gimmicks either.
Ah, the…

A few notes and sketches towards analysis for Handel’s “Tu es sacerdos”
Dixit Dominus, oratorio.

Nuff said, Auntie