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Watch "Itay Talgam: Lead like the great conductors" on YouTube

Itay Talgam: Lead like the great conductors:


Happy Birthday song in various composers styles

Poetic injustice

Google Adwords Scam

Is Google Adwords just a giant frigging scam?
Every single time I used them they managed to mess around with clicks and costs, and or fail to pay back voucher credits.
Always have to argue with them about one thing or the other.
I always end up losing business and time.
Recently, I caught them adding up to my account balance, even after ads were paused.
Then they charged me £233 plus for one week, at a £20 per day budget!
Meanwhile the account online showed £190.53 balance. The former amount was claimed by a phone operator.
Makes no sense at all.
Then there are the vouchers.
They attract billions of fools by promising coupons but make it difficult to claim. The how to is sent to you three weeks later, when you have already been accrued a good amount, before the voucher is yours.
And the more customers they attract, the higher the bidding for daily first page click targets… If u want to be on first or second page and beat competition, it becomes then like an auction. Well I guess it is called a bidding for a reason…
Something like £2 to £4.50 a day per click…
And u should leave it to them to alter that price automatically on your account, as it changed all the time.
Frigging Ponzy scheme!!
Ponzy scheme.
I have since then visited a lot of online forums where people complain similarly.
I know a lot of colleagues use it, but then why wouldn’t they?
It’s available, it’s attractive, it’s there.
Not a fan.
Not a fan.

Watch "A People's History Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner 1 …" on YouTube

A People’s History Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner 1 …:


10 Things You Should Eat in Belgium
Bit silly I know… But quite fun don’t you think?…

Wisdom for today s singers.


Wisdom for today s singers.

Mind over matter.

Roses are blue

Aren’t roses the strongest lessons in human life?
Gorgeous nature provides them with the most delicate appearance, natural curves, and bright colours; whilst they remain surprisingly resilient and stay waterproof to the rain.
Their green stems, whilst long and thin, resist strong winds.
They will impose their glorious coral pink presence over one dead city pavement.
Never could Powerful Mankind emulate such a combination of talents.
Never could a man-made textile be wafer-thin and yet resist pressure or water, curled and velvety.
Human beings will try and copy this blend of characters on an emotional basis.
This is also a stretch for most…
But for such a beautiful creature which can also be chopped off with a vulgar pair of secateurs, this is indeed vast superiority over rulers of the Earth… Vain Rulers who refuse to open their eyes to simple lessons from Mother Nature…