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Enfield Council and the abuse of human rights

On 2nd October 2014, Enfield Council had me endure the harshest test so far: I had to walk one hour and 30 minutes each way to a Court where I had been summoned to, with regards my Council Tax. I was welcomed by one of their staff in one big room, where they decide, without a judge, upon the fate of the accused.
I had been corresponding with them from May 2014, and making payments. They never bothered replying to my questions on whether or not they did get payments. I them lost faith in their own payment methods and stopped sending money.
Not one verbal or written apology was made to me, but threats, harassment, and finally, after my online formal complaint, a court summons. No other form of communication.
On the day, for lack of money, I walked all the way, then back. I had in fact spent my last penny on photocopies and print outs for the case… I did mention this to the lady I was speaking with: was simply instructed over and over to pay up for the rest of the year. Over and over. No sorry, no apology, no explanation about the so called unintentional mistakes.
I took my paperwork and walked all the way back home, very painfully, and rather depressed.
This comes at a time when I have been sending a vast amount of final stage complaints to and about the Council.
I have strong suspicions that this is also some sort of psychological warfare.
I moved to Enfield 15 years ago, after being made homeless.
I live everyday in a dump inside a ghetto where I don’t belong, full of rats, fleas, diseases, aggressive behaviour, racism, illiteracy and ignorance.
I no longer care what it will take, but I am we’ll on my way to let them know that they are hardly dealing with the average dark skinned foreigner round my way.
They have gone way too far a long time ago.
With their blind eye attitudes towards reported child abuse cases, their housing policies, their bullying, their harassment campaigns: Enfield Council, time to take the show to the road!

Sandrine Anterrion

Watch "Itay Talgam: Lead like the great conductors" on YouTube

Itay Talgam: Lead like the great conductors:


Happy Birthday song in various composers styles

Poetic injustice

Google Adwords Scam

Is Google Adwords just a giant frigging scam?
Every single time I used them they managed to mess around with clicks and costs, and or fail to pay back voucher credits.
Always have to argue with them about one thing or the other.
I always end up losing business and time.
Recently, I caught them adding up to my account balance, even after ads were paused.
Then they charged me £233 plus for one week, at a £20 per day budget!
Meanwhile the account online showed £190.53 balance. The former amount was claimed by a phone operator.
Makes no sense at all.
Then there are the vouchers.
They attract billions of fools by promising coupons but make it difficult to claim. The how to is sent to you three weeks later, when you have already been accrued a good amount, before the voucher is yours.
And the more customers they attract, the higher the bidding for daily first page click targets… If u want to be on first or second page and beat competition, it becomes then like an auction. Well I guess it is called a bidding for a reason…
Something like £2 to £4.50 a day per click…
And u should leave it to them to alter that price automatically on your account, as it changed all the time.
Frigging Ponzy scheme!!
Ponzy scheme.
I have since then visited a lot of online forums where people complain similarly.
I know a lot of colleagues use it, but then why wouldn’t they?
It’s available, it’s attractive, it’s there.
Not a fan.
Not a fan.

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A People’s History Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner 1 …:


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Bit silly I know… But quite fun don’t you think?…

Wisdom for today s singers.


Wisdom for today s singers.